Our Scoop and Our Story

Our Scoop

Ready in One is a solution to a frustrating problem. Making a bottle with baby formula becomes trickier as your child grows, and being interrupted or miscounting can lead to a wasted bottle!

We have carefully designed our scoops to match the number required when making a bottle. Our number 4 scoop is equal to 4 of the single scoops provided in the baby formula container. This means that a bottle is now Ready in One!

We currently offer size 4,5, and 6 scoops and hope to expand this soon! 

Our Story

I am a grandmother from Scotland who has made thousands of formula bottles for my children, nieces and nephews, children of friends and my grandchildren. I have spent my life raising and supporting children.

I was making a bottle for my youngest grandchild when her sibling interrupted. I lost count of the number of scoops I'd place in the bottle and had to throw the whole thing away. I must have made thousands of bottles in my life and probably had to throw hundreds away. Wasting formula, money and time!

Frustrated, I thought there must be a product to help me but there was none that met my expectations. I wanted a scoop that gave me the correct amount of formula I needed in one action. After months of research, measuring and designing, with the help of my friends and family, Ready in One was born.

I have never set-up or run a business before and Business Gateway Scotland have supported me all the way. I hope my scoops save you time, effort and frustration, making your life easier and giving you more time to focus on your wee one.